Melbournebased company Tripfuser which launched

first_imgMelbourne-based company, Tripfuser, which launched in June 2017, showcases a new peer to peer platform, developed by CEO Matt Beard and a range of collaborators, that enables agents, on behalf of their clients, to liaise directly with local experts to craft personalised travel experiences.Beard had the idea for Tripfuser after a trip to Nepal in 2008. He and a small group of friends and family had created a wishlist, during the planning stage, of things they wanted to see and do, but they discovered that none of the off-the-shelf package tours they looked at offered what they wanted. They decided to build their trip from scratch, working with a local expert in Nepal and, since Matt had worked in the travel industry for many years and had the know-how and contacts, the result was a personalised trip to Nepal that matched the collective wishlist – full of trekking, national park excursions, white water rafting and cultural visits. “Tripfuser is the first major travel platform to offer this level of bespoke travel planning, which allows agents direct access to an open marketplace so they can provide varied and competitive proposals for their clients,” said Matt.“We created this platform to offer significant added value to agents and their clients. To date, it has been challenging for travel agents to find custom product tailored to their clients’ interests without being in the destination to speak with locals directly. Agents can now provide a higher level of service to clients looking for a bespoke itinerary catering to their individual preferences.”Nepal and Vietnam are currently live on the platform, with Cambodia, Thailand and more destinations to launch in the coming months.Travel agents can log in to Tripfuser to design a client’s travel experience by simply creating a Wishlist, or by searching sample trips in the Tripfuser Trip Gallery that can be booked “as is”, or personalised prior to booking.Client requirements are shared directly with Local Experts, based in the travellers’ destination of choice, who then respond with a personalised trip. The experts take the traveller Wishlist and apply their local knowledge to shape a personalised web-based Trip Plan, which travel agents can share with clients. Once confirmed, bookings can be made through the secure platform. The striking imagery, inspirational content and level of tailored local insight can offer extra incentive for clients to book their next trip with agents. Agents can also receive competitive commissions on all bookings.Travel agents define how many Trip Plans they’d like to receive (each from a different Local Expert) as well as how quickly they’d like to receive them. Inbuilt chat allows a direct dialogue between the travel agent and Local Expert to finalise the trip.Agents can contact Tripfuser direct through agentsresourcesTripfuserlast_img