eBay auction offers all 795 Japanese GBA games for 5104

first_imgThe Game Boy Advance may be a long dead format (Nintendo stopped producing the Game Boy Micro back in 2008), but that’s not to say it didn’t have some fantastic games that are still worth playing. Nintendo would love to sell you a few of them as downloadable games on its later handhelds, but there’s nothing like owning the original carts.In Japan, there were a phenomenal 795 games released for the GBA. Even a cash rich gamer probably only ever managed to pick up a couple of hundred of those during the system’s lifetime, while most people only own a few dozen. But now you can own them all courtesy of eBay if you happen to have $5,104 lying around.That’s actually a discounted price down from $5,800 when this auction first went up. There’s also free shipping, which is great considering how much 795 cartridges must weigh.The one thing that may stop collectors bidding on this auction, though, is the fact the seller is only offering the GBA carts. There’s no boxes, inlays, or manuals. Even so, when you consider you are getting 795 tested working games for the equivalent of $6.42 each, it’s a great deal. And chances are you can locate the instructions online if you need them. It’s also a lot cheaper than owning every SNES game.The perfect home for these carts will be a gamer capable of reading and understanding Japanese. The GBA saw a lot of text-heavy RPGs released, and a fair few of these games will be unplayable unless you can understand the language. That’s got to be part of the reason why this auction hasn’t had a winning bidder yet–the combination of carts only and a prerequisite for understanding Japanese certainly cuts down on your potential buyers.At time of writing there have been 12 offers made on the auction, all of which eBay seller hit-japan has declined. So if no one is willing to pay the asking price, I think we’ll see a relisting or the carts sold off in smaller lots in the near future instead.via Tiny Cartridgelast_img