Shoppers keeping their cash in Canada

Canadians shopping stateside has been a Canada Day tradition for years, but this year things are different. Whether it’s increased patriotism, or lack of patience waiting on the border bridges, more shoppers are spending their money at home. The Canada One brand name outlets on Lundy’s lane in Niagara Falls, is packed with shoppers carrying bags of stuff. They are enticed by deep Canada Day discounts.Niagara Falls is a tourist city, all the stores are open. People are out spending money. It used to be on Canada Day shoppers would head for the border, but bridge hassles and better bargains at the outlet malls are keeping people at home. Traffic has been moving smoothly across the border bridges in Niagara, the only backup on the Peace Bridge was a line of trucks.Sharon Crane has gone stateside on holidays in the past, not this year. “Going across the bridge now, the cost for going across and the exchange…it’s not worth it anymore.”Other shoppers agree. “I find I can get as many things here as I can in the States. I can buy as much as I want, don’t have to worry about duty, don’t have to worry about lines coming back.”