New Campbell’s soup labels are GMmm-mmmO good for agriculture

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest When I first heard about Campbell’s soup voluntarily putting the Genetically Modified ingredients they use on their labels, I wasn’t quite sure what to think, in all honesty. Would this be a positive change to make for one of the nation’s largest food companies, or would it be a slippery slope toward making such labels mandatory for every other company out there?The way I see it, almost every household, including my own, always has a red and white can of soup in the cupboard. I am a pro at mixing a can of water or milk to any condensed soup for my daughter to dip her grilled cheese in or for my son to warm up with after a feisty snowball fight that more than likely was won by his old man.Campbell’s standing firmly behind their use of GMOs may very well be the most ringing endorsement given to biotechnology.Campbell’s is doing something that no one else has had the gall to do, continuing to be what they are, because, what they are, works. They are saying, in a sense, that they have used GMO products for all of these years and that their customers trusted what they bought inside that little tin can and that the only thing that will change about what they produce is the slightly revised label.Over the next few months, we will be able to learn a lot about how consumers really feel about GMO products with, by far, the biggest test market we have ever seen for GE foods. Will consumers walk a little further down the grocery isle for the “organic” soups? Will they search for a company that touts a non-GMO label? Or will they really not care at all and just continue buying that old familiar favorite that has been a staple in their carts for generations?Yes, this bold move by Campbell’s may be that slippery slope that I was concerned about that could result in mandatory labels on everything genetically modified, but if producers of GMO goods and the manufacturers of those products follow the soup giant’s lead, consumers may not have to go very far to find out how safe their GMO food really is.last_img