No animals, no fair

first_imgRe: “Taking stock of controversy” (May 16): What are these idiot fair board people thinking, eliminating livestock from the Valley Fair? The livestock should be the centerpiece of the fair, offering an old-fashioned country-style county fair experience here in the big city. It doesn’t make any sense that a so-called “Agricultural Association” is sponsoring the fair, yet eliminating the livestock exhibits. I agree with the commentator in the article who said that without the livestock, the fair is just another parking-lot carnival. If the Agricultural Association cannot accommodate the livestock, perhaps the livestock exhibitors should liaison with the “Salute to Recreation” family festival put on by L.A. City Parks and Recreation. They are better organized and would surely appreciate the added cache of having livestock exhibits for city slickers to enjoy. – Stacy Potter Granada Hills Pachyderm Forest? Re: “Ruby eases into retirement” (May 16): Hopefully, L.A. Zoo officials will give Billie the same opportunity and soon. It seems immoral to plow ahead with the “$39 million Pachyderm Forest,” which will never adequately provide the space and ambience these magnificent creatures need. It only gives them a reason to procure more elephants, which means they’ll soon be living in cramped quarters again. Why not take some of that money and donate it to sanctuaries like PAWS and Shambala. Even without ready access to millions, they provide quality life, not to mention in the event of an emergency, a sound evacuation plan for all of their animals. – Grace Pedraza Valley Village And now the others Re: “Ruby eases into retirement” (May 16): Thank you for the article on Ruby; it was a moving story. Thank you for your interest and concern. Ruby needs all the attention and love she can get. So do all the other captive elephants. The more people realize that these animals are suffering in zoos, the better informed they are. We can all help. Keep up the good work. – Beckie Hall Rancho Mirage Mandate for reform Re: “Mayor’s 4 LAUSD allies unite” (May 17): I could only shake my head as I read how a paltry 6.3 percent of the voters is supposed to represent a mandate for reform. This “election” clearly shows that the voters realize our school system is flawed and changing the names of the board members isn’t going to fix anything. If 6.3 percent voter turnout represented a mandate of any sort, it was that the voters are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the political boondoggle titled the LAUSD. – Patrick Weir Chatsworth Call that news? Re: “Pasadena news reported by India” (May 11): India’s reporting on Pasadena by watching the Net? Is Pasadena Now nuts? Hey, L.A., outsource your media to India. Find out how stupid is that. How can India report on things happening here when they’re not here? That’s not journalism, that’s bunk, and Pasadena Now’s too lazy to do their reporting the right way, by having reporters on the ground and getting news from the source, not from another country. Bad enough our jobs are going there, now we have to hear our local news from them? Bull! – John C. Weaver Palmdale Sowell rant Re: “Left relies on anger, not logic” (Your Opinions, May 17): What kind of ignorant rant was that from Thomas Sowell regarding his perceived anger from the left? He compares the salaries of athletes and movie stars with a CEO’s salary as if both were publicly traded and shareholder-owned. He opines about more tax cuts but says nothing of deficits. And he tops it all off with his ridiculous conclusion that “It seems to be the threat to their ego that they hate.” What kind of nonsense is this? Don’t take it personally, Tom, but, as usual, your baseless right-wing ideology is what I dislike and I have little respect, but no anger, toward those who spout such drivel. – Bryan Hays Saugus Mighty angry Re: “Left relies on anger, not logic” (Your Opinions, May 17): Sowell rants about the left’s concern for the poor and the environment (both are legitimate issues), calling the left “busybodies.” He’s also upset about the left’s stand against tax cuts, among other things, (in spite of a raging deficit) and says the “left relies on anger and not logic.” This sure looks like Sowell is the pot calling the kettle black. He also sounds mighty angry. – Richard McCurdy Burbank Clear message Re: “Wrong button” (Your Opinions. May 16): If I were at a rally in a foreign country that I was “visiting,” and a helicopter broadcast an order to disperse in a language I didn’t speak, I think the mere presence of the helicopter and advancing police in riot gear sends a clear message of what to do. Ron Tremain’s assertion that if the “order” had been broadcast in Spanish, things would have turned out different, is laughable. What about all the other people present at the rally that spoke other languages. Should the “broadcast” also be given in at least a dozen other languages and dialects that are spoken in L.A.? – Paul Cade Burbank Get a grip on it Re: “Griffith fire a sign of season to come” (May 10): After so many years of this, are the residents of Los Angeles tired yet? Aside from the seemingly constant threat from pyromaniacs, there are the additional threats from lightning and countless types of accidents that can start fires in this area. There is a basic principle here that seems to be ignored – if it can burn, it will! In order for the people of Los Angeles city/County to be safe, they will have to take steps now to prevent fires. This is easily (and cheaply) accomplished by thinning all the brush with controlled burns, brush abatement, running stock (including goats, sheep, cattle, donkeys, horses) and using heavy equipment if necessary. Unnecessary use of emergency personnel and higher insurance costs affect everyone. – Robert Matano Cayucos Off the hook Re: “Tenet did harm with his silence” (Their Opinions, May 4): Tenet wasn’t the only Free World intelligence leader who blew it. Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, run by “BND” President August Hanning warned someone, but, more importantly, failed to honor the CIA’s repeated requests for a prewar, face-to-face interview with their notorious Weapons of Mass Destruction liar “Curveball.” If I were a reporter, I’d just about “kill” for a clarification interview with him – August Hanning, that is. Then I’d push for a “he must be told to answer all my questions or he’ll be deported back to Iraq” interview with Curveball himself – unlike his kid-gloves one with the CIA in 2004. While Bush-Cheney-Tenet should perhaps remain on the hook, Germany’s BND has evidently let the prewar’s most important WMD liar off of it. – Harvey Pearson Los Feliz Falwell’s legacy However wrongheaded Jerry Falwell was politically and even morally, he was also the pastor of many flocks who struggled to live and do Christianity. Thanks to him, I am positive some of them – not all of course – actually succeed in doing that, believe it or not. Thus Rev. Falwell’s legacy, believe it or not. – Kathryn Durfee Agoura 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img