Misspending my taxes

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! I have something to say to my representatives in Congress, including Rep. Howard Berman, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Each April 15th, I pay my taxes so you can take care of issues like saving Social Security, reforming the tax codes, fixing the immigration problem, improving health care and providing our students with a good education. After all these years, I want my money back! – R.J. Johnson North Hollywood Get what you pay for Re: “Contracts bring calamity” (April 12): People like Cortez and Rosa are not duped into dealing with someone without a license. People like Cortez and Rosa choose to hire unlicensed people because they do not want to pay the price that a legitimate contractor has to charge in order to comply with all state and local codes, pay legitimate tradespeople a legitimate wage, maintain licensed and insured status, make payroll taxes, get necessary permits, keep legitimate records, file legitimate tax returns and cover all the other expenses that go along with operating a legitimate construction company. You get what you pay for and those who hire illegal operations on the cheap deserve what they get. Hire a contractor that is licensed and bonded with the state of California and the state will go to bat for you. – Patrick Weir Chatsworth LNG terminal Re: “LNG lease torpedoed” (April 10): Two problems raised in the “LNG lease torpedoed” article are: Safety issue of potential ship-terminal collision four miles from Malibu. And the noise, eyesore and emissions issue of a terminal that close to the coast. Both problems are solved by constructing a land-based LNG terminal and regassification plant on a remote cove of Anacapa Island – 25 miles away. Natural gas is a cleaner, superior fuel. We should replace at least half of our dirty diesel truck engines with compressed natural-gas engines to eliminate smog from toxic diesel soot, cancer-causing combustion products. – Sal Sciortino North Hollywood Homeless women Re: “Legislation needed to help mentally ill” (Their Opinions, April 4): Your article indicates an honest concern re what to do with our homeless. But our Board of Supervisors has not OK’d the use of the property in county territory above Sylmar/Lake View Terrace that the Union Rescue Mission is willing to designate as temporary “home” for women with children. I attended the Neighborhood Council meeting where they described their plans, and it made sense to me. Are you allowing a very few “not in my backyard” folks to overpower your sense of what is right and necessary? Just how many votes do these people control? Meantime, women and their kids are still sleeping on our streets, we are told … while you all sit astride the fence. – Evelyn Catron Sylmar Not persecution Re: “American Muslims beginning to fear that `Islamophobia’ is gripping the U.S.” (April 12): Having returned from a trip in Egypt, I couldn’t help but cynically laugh at the conception of American “Islamophobia.” The harassments a Muslim may receive here are nothing compared to the daily persecution of Christians in Islamic countries, and they know that. When Muslims need armed guards at the doors of places of worship to prevent extremists from charging in and killing the faithful, as the Christians do in Egypt, then we can have an honest discussion. – George W. Harris Thousand Oaks Failure of leaders Re: “American Muslims beginning to fear that `Islamophobia’ is gripping the U.S.” (April 12): American Muslims blame “Islamophobia” on voices in the media and the “industry of hate in America.” The real reason for Islamophobia is the actions of radical Muslim terrorists and the failure of Muslim leaders to condemn and control the radical haters in the Muslim world. – Ross Hopkins Sherman Oaks Blind greed Re: “County unions offer strike support” (Business, April 10): The grocery unions threaten to strike once again, whining about free medical benefits and raises. The writer suggests that grocery executives’ benefits should be cut in order to pay the workers more. This is a strong insult to all executives. If executives cannot enjoy the fruits of their labor, why bother to build or run a successful business in the first place? Where will all of these greedy union workers find employment when CEOs leave their positions to pursue higher-paying union labor jobs? – Charles L. Murray Moorpark Pushing back Well, this time Don Imus had to push the envelope so hard that it pushed back and hit him hard. Kudos to Staples and Proctor & Gamble for dropping their advertisements with his show, and to MSNBC for dropping “Imus in the Morning.” His racist comment about the Rutgers women’s basketball team was completely uncalled for and totally unnecessary. All Imus has proven is that he is nothing more than an idiot radio talk show host whose foot got stuck in his mouth. I can happily say that I have never listened to his show and never will. – Sophia Sherman Sherman Oaks Response to Imus The remarks made by Imus were wrong, but player Matee Ajavon saying they have scarred her for life – come on, that’s a bit much. – Martha Ballardo La Crescenta Reality check Re: “McCain assails Democrats on war in Iraq” (April 11): Sen. McCain’s popularity is sinking about as fast as President Bush’s. As Bush continues to escalate the war and casualties also continue to escalate, Bush and McCain both still seem to continue stumbling along in an ever-increasing state of denial. Bush and McCain both still have the fantasy that the U.S. can militarily impose a secular government on a Muslim nation. This neocon idea has never succeeded in any Muslim nation for obvious reasons. The Islamic people don’t want a secular democracy; they want an Islamic theocracy. Bush’s other fantasy that he can magically convince the Shiites and Sunnis to compromise and cooperate in a secular government is about as realistic as a Disneyland cartoon. – Darrell Williams Sherman Oaks End it now President Bush has accused Congress of undermining our troops in Iraq because of their vote to limit funds and set time limits on further involvement. In threatening to veto such a bill, Bush ignores the fact that in over four years he has failed miserably to win a war our own generals admit cannot be won. He stubbornly wants to extend a war that was based on lies and distortions from the very beginning. This obstinate man fails to understand that Congress does support our troops by taking action to assure they will not become needless casualties of what has evolved into nothing more than a civil war. – William P. Mouzis Lake Balboa Cutting down trees Re: “Wall might be needed” (Your Opinions, April 9): I’m not an official Sierra Club “tree hugger” but Mark Steel’s flippant comment about it being “no big deal” to cut down trees made me angry. It takes 20 full-grown trees (putting out oxygen) to neutralize the emissions from one automobile. Multiply that by how many cars we have in Los Angeles, and you’ll see how many trees are needed for us to breathe clean air. It doesn’t matter if the trees are protected or not, they provide shade, beauty, a way to get rid of flabby arms (by raking leaves) and fresh air. That’s the big deal, Mark. – Jackie Houchin Sun Valley last_img