Some are uninterested in social cohesion

first_imgDear Editor,Social cohesion is always an elusive element in our country, primarily because it is not the will of our politicians who believe in the ‘divide and rule’ principle. Being in Government is the biggest business, and nasty politicians can sell their own maternal and paternal affiliations to gain a share in that pursuit.I must commend the effort of our President, His Excellency David Granger, for his brave attempt to bring the Emancipation Celebration to Region 6 at Union Village, which saw the attendance of people from various races and ethnicities attending in their numbers. In fact I saw our East Indian brothers and sisters fully decked in African wear, which sends a clear message that cultural and social cohesion are possible, but it must start with our politicians.However, what I have been witnessing on the television in Berbice has convinced me that the Alliance for Change, especially one particular Minister and his cohorts, are uninterested in social cohesion and are leaving no stone unturned in blasting this concept to smithereens, not by using weapons of mass destruction, but by sheer hate and personal attacks. I have read with interest the rantings and ravings of the Quixotic character who unfortunately resides in Region 5 and was shocked when this was the first caller who, through in the AFC’s program, ‘Alliance on the Move,’ was given free air time to continue his vitriolic and personal attacks on the PM’s Representative, Mr Gobin Harbhajan. Is this how the AFC intends to be ‘on the Move’?It is evident that the leader of the party, Mr Raphael Trotman, has allowed someone near to him to hijack the party and hold it captive while it is being ravished and mercilessly raped by his unconscionable, barbaric and uncouth cohorts who are so deficient in basic decorum. I had never expected that the AFC would have descended to the depths of the cesspool. The stench emanating is now unbearable.Furthermore, these TV ‘stars’ have been making unrealistic promises to the residents, so that I need to ask which ministry these guys represent? They are making statements pertaining to agriculture, public infrastructure and public security, which I have not heard coming from the relevant ministry.Can Mr Trotman please answer me? These AFC fakes believe that they could even hold the residents in Berbice as captives to their falsehood and fabrication. Why are these persons given the tacit acquiescence of the Minister to destroy the Coalition? These TV ‘personalities’ are destroying the work of the Social Cohesion Ministry, and I do feel Minister Ally should bring pressure to bear on these AFC Region 6 officials and members for bringing the efforts of her ministry to zero.Finally, one cannot help but notice that the presenters on ‘the Alliance on the Move’ programme are of one race and ethnicity, so where are the others, are they selectively excluded? I knew that once upon a time the AFC boasted multi-ethnicity and race, but it seems that principle has also been thrown under the bus. More so, I could not help but notice that the reputation of these mercenaries leaves much to be desired, and this will further destroy the remnants of respectability of the AFC. Mr Trotman needs to move quickly and decisively to save some face at least.Yours sincerely,Desmond ThompsonFormer Teacherlast_img