Juancho can’t with Raptors without Marc and Ibaka, Ricky falls to the Lakers and Willy wins but without adding

first_imgPhoto: Getty The little one of the Hernangómez played his second match with 15 + 5 + 1Rubio left until 13 + 3 + 5 but could not with Rondo, Davis and LeBronThe Hornets broke their streak with 4 rebounds and 1 assist from Willy The NBA day of the Spanish players returned to have more lights than shadows to highlight two defeats of teams with ÑBAs, while the only victories occurred in the Toronto Raptors, both without Marc Gasol and a Serge Ibaka who arrived stuck, as in the Charlotte Hornets of a Willy Hernangómez who did not contribute points but rebounds and assists. In the duel in Canada, Juancho Hernangómez had his second game with the Minnesota Timberwolves and again with enough minutes (25) and as a starter, while Ricky Rubio lost with Phoenix Suns to the Los Angeles Lakers of an inspired Rajon Rondo.The English forward OG Anunoby contributed a double-double of 25 points – best professional brand – and 12 rebounds – packed the one he had in that facet of the game – and became the leader of the Toronto Raptors, who won 137-126 a the rebuilt Minnesota Timberwolves and reached 15 consecutive wins ..Base Kyle Lowry also contributed a double-double of 27 points and 11 assists that helped the Raptors expand their best winning streak in the history of current league champions. Cameroonian power forward Pascal Siakam contributed 34 points, including 14 in the fourth period, so he was the top scorer of the Raptors, who won the sixteenth straight game in their field.While the forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, who came out as head of the Spanish center of Congolese origin Serge Ibaka, falls for being affected with the flu, and Marc Gasol, who continues with discomfort, got 21 points, his best mark of the season.For his part, the base D’Angelo Russell scored 22 points in his debut with the Timberwolves and the American center of Dominican origin Karl-Anthony Towns achieved a double-double of 23 goals, 10 rebounds and seven assists. Despite having improved considerably in their game, the reconstructed Timberwolves could not achieve their second consecutive victory after last Saturday surprised with the win against Los Angeles Clippers and broke a streak of 13 straight defeats.center_img Rookie guard Jarrett Culver, starting guard-base Malik Beasley and Spanish power forward Juancho Hernangomez, who also came out in the initial five of the Timberwolves, contributed 15 points each with those from Minnesota, who lost the fifth straight game against The Raptors in Toronto.Hernangómez played 26 minutes and scored 6 of 11 field shots, including 2 of 4 triple attempts, and scored 1 of 2 from the personnel line. The Madrid player also had a presence in the paint by capturing five rebounds, including three defenders, gave one assist, lost a ball and committed two personal fouls.Ricky, in his line; Willy, no points but minutesBase Rajon Rondo emerged as the leading scorer by getting 23 points, his best mark so far this season, and six assists that helped Los Angeles Lakers beat the Phoenix Suns 125-100. Alongside Rondo, centerman Anthony Davis also asserted his power and presence within the painting by providing a double-double of 25 points and 10 rebounds.While the star forward, LeBron James, who was included in the preliminary list of the 44 NBA players who have been shortlisted to arrive with the United States national team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, stayed at the gates of A new triple-double. James scored 17 points, distributed nine assists and captured eight rebounds, in the 30 minutes he was on the Staples Center track.In the Suns, the forward Mikal Bridges with 18 points was the leader of the Suns attack (21-33), who lost the sixth game of the last seven played. While Malian power forward Cheik Diallo reached 15 points as the second top scorer of the Suns, who had six with two-digit numbers.Among them to the bases, the reserve Jevon Carter, and the new holder Ricky Rubio, who contributed 13 points each. Rubio, who played 25 minutes, scored 2 of 6 field shots, which were both three-way four attempts, and 7 of 8 from the personnel line. The Masnou player also captured three rebounds – two defensive ones – distributed five assists, recovered a ball, lost another and committed a personal foul.Finally, forward Miles Bridges contributed 18 points and was the leader of the Charlotte Hornets attack, who won 76-87 at home to the Detroit Pistons and broke the streak of five consecutive losses in duel of losing teams of the Conference East.The Spanish pivot Willy Hernangómez played 14 minutes and left the game without scoring after missing the four field shots he made, including a triple attempt. However, the Spaniard contributed four rebounds, three were defensive, gave one assist, lost a ball and committed two personal fouls.last_img