Representative Frye talks Veteran issues on Memorial Day

first_imgGreensburg, In. — Military members who are attending college and are then called to active duty should not have their education suffer because they are protecting our country. So that Hoosiers don’t have to choose between serving our nation and furthering their education, I co-authored a new law requiring state colleges and universities to provide military students a tuition refund, tuition credit or the opportunity to re-enroll if they are called to active duty. To make it easier for veterans to qualify for educational assistance, benefits they receive for their service will not be considered when determining their eligibility for needs-based financial aid.To help more veterans who are not responding to traditional medication a new law extends the Veterans Recovery Pilot Program to all veterans with brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder. The program provides diagnostic testing and hyperbaric oxygen treatment to veterans struggling with PTSD, and I sponsored this law so that they can receive the specialized treatment they deserve.Another new law I sponsored will require the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to issue a permanent parking placard to Hoosier veterans with disabilities when requested. The permanent placard can be moved from vehicle to vehicle and will ensure veterans are not burdened with paperwork and delays by having to renew their parking placard.Please join me in reflecting upon those who have sacrificed so much and laid down their lives in service to our country this Memorial Day. Events will be happening in our communities on Memorial Day like the Rising Sun Memorial Day parade at 10 a.m. in downtown Rising Sun. While we can never repay the debt owed to those who died in uniform, we can all do our part in paying our respect to those heroes. If you have any questions over these new laws supporting our veterans, please contact me at [email protected] or 317-512-0128.last_img