IATCCC Track Clinic

first_imgI spent Thursday through Saturday this past weekend at Indianapolis at the annual track winter clinic.  This year a record 812 coaches attended.  Track in the state of Indiana is definitely on the upswing.  The great part of this year’s clinic was the number of young coaches who were in attendance.  The clinic is a great opportunity for the young coaches to learn from the experts, and it is good for the veteran coaches to pick up new ideas.In one of the sessions where I introduced the speaker, I was amazed at the new devices that are now available to keep track of almost anything your athletes are doing–not only while they are practicing, but how their body is reacting during the day to what they eat and at night to how well they are sleeping.  This information helps a coach determine whether the athlete’s body is able to handle the rigors of intense training.  If you have a possible state champion on your team, these devices will tell the coach how well this athlete is responding to the training you are providing for them.All I had was a stop watch.  Boy, have times changed!!last_img