NFL vs. Regular Shows

first_imgI know a couple months ago I wrote an article about Sunday afternoon football games going over their time limit and ruining the viewing schedule for regular CBS shows.  Two weeks ago the Bengals played the Texans and their game was over before 4.  However, the next game did not come on until 4:30.  You would think that a normal regulation football game should be played in less than 3 hours, but the Denver/Miami game was not over until 7:40.  This, of course, meant that the last Sunday night show got started at 10:40 and the Sunday Night News began at 11:40.I am as big a sports fan as anyone, and I certainly enjoy watching football on Sunday afternoon.  However, I can do without having so-called experts re-tell me everything that I was supposed to have seen in the games.  I would like for this to be done by other sports shows and not pre-empt the regular TV programs.  After all, not everyone lives and dies sports.  When you are over 70 and you try to tape a TV show that does not fall into its allotted time spot, you find that you have taped one half of one show and half of another.  When you go to watch it later it in the week, you are constantly readjusting the replay just to find out that you only have 10 minutes of your final show.Start the first game earlier, cut down on the between-game banter, and get the games in before 7 p.m. on Sunday night.  Period!  I have spoken!last_img