Pork products from ASF-hit areas seized at Iloilo Airport

first_imgAccording to theNMIS, ASF is not considered a human health threat. However, humans can become carriers of thevirus once tainted pork is ingested or if people get close to the infectedmeat. According to theNational Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), ASF is a highly contagious viraldisease that affects pigs, warthogs and boars. These products were from Hong Kong andSingapore, areas hit by the African swine fever (ASF) virus. The canned pork products have not beenconfirmed to have the ASF virus, said Tabuada, and their confiscation anddestruction were just precautionary measures. He then appealed to people returninghome from abroad not to bring pork and pork byproducts as pasalubong or presents. There is no knownvaccine against ASF yet. He assured the people of BarangayInaladan of their safety. “Remember also that there is anongoing ban on pork and pork byproducts from ASF-hit areas,” added Tabuada. According to Dr. Darel Tabuada of thePVO, the cans were punctured with holes or opened then doused with two gallonsof disinfectant before these were buried on the ground. “Kayi-confiscate lang ina sang quarantine officers nga na-designate saairport,” said Tabuada. In September, Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr.issued Executive Order No. 159 temporarily banning pork and its byproducts fromRizal and Bulacan provinces where ASF cases had been confirmed and ASF-hitcountries such as China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Lao People’sDemocratic Republic, Belgium, Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Luxembourg,Latvia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, South Africa, Zambia, Hong Kong, andMongolia “and from such other territories and localities, as identified anddeclared by the Department of Agriculture.” Personnel of the Iloilo Provincial Veterinary Office bury in Barangay Inaladan, Cabatuan, Iloilo boxes of imported canned pork confiscated at the Iloilo Airport. The items were from African swine fever-hit areas of Hong Kong and Singapore. African swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease that affects pigs, warthogs and boars. It is not considered a human health threat. However, humans can become carriers of the virus once tainted pork is ingested or if people get close to the infected meat. PHOTOS BY DR. DAREL TABUADA Death is certain.Pigs die in a span of two to 10 days upon affliction. The disposal was conducted in BarangayInaladan, Cabatuan yesterday morning. BAI’s veterinary quarantine personnelwere assisted by the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) and the IloiloAirport’s aviation security personnel. The virus canalso survive even if the meat has been processed or canned./PN It causes pigs tohave high fever and lose their appetite. It also causes hemorrhages in the skinand internal organs. ILOILO – A total of 198 canned porkproducts seized from airline passengers at the Iloilo Airport in Cabatuan townhave been disposed by the Bureau of Animal Industry’s (BAI) veterinaryquarantine personnel.last_img